Medical Management

Classification of Antibiotics Doses, Usages  & Selection of Antibiotic Anticold Preparations and it’s Doses and Usages
Cough Preparation and it’s Doses and Usages Details of Anti Malarials Anti Helminthics
Types of Antipyretics and it’s Selection Type of Tonics: it’s Usage & Selection Type of Local Applications: it’s Usage & Selection
Symptoms,Signs of each Systems– System Infection Identifications Proper Examination of Systems : RS,CVS,CNS,P/A,Genito-Urinary/Locomotory System Details of General Examinations and it’s Importance in Practice
Anaphylactic Reactions & it’s Management Clinic Setup:How,Where,Why? Types I.V Fluids  & it’s Usage and I.V Fluid  Management
Danger Signals of Paediatric and Adult Competition Proof Practice. Type of Patients
How to Treat Peadiatric Patient? Orthopedical Emergencies Gynaecological Problem & it’s Management
Geriatrics Practice: Problem & it’s Management ENT Problems and it’s Management Eye Problem & it’s Management
Diseases of Teeth,Hair,Nail & it’s Management Skin Diseases & it’s Management. Art of Dressing
How to do:-
b.Endotracheal Intubation
How to do:-

RT Insertion

How to do:-

Flatus Tube

How to do:-

Jelco Insertion

ECG Reading X-RAY Reading
How to Manage Medical and Surgical Emergencies? Art of Prescription Writing ICU/Indoor Patient  Management