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Dear Doctor Friends,

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Life Medical Management workshop is specially designed for general practitioners.

Life Medical Management Workshop (Course) is having two parts :

  1. Life Management 2. Medical Management

Life Management workshop part will have all the contents of life related development (for contents please refer the life management page of our site)

Medical Management Workshop Part will have all the contents of medical practice related knowledge : eg selection of  right drugs for disease and procedures eg RT Insertion (for contents please refer the medical management page of our site)

In this program, you will develop new insights regarding life skills, soft skills, professional skills & social skills and develop all these for your overall betterment.
In this program , you will increase your effectiveness and practice related confidence, in addition to that you will have following important benefits like….

  • Learn the art of practice and increase your income & wealthy indirectly.
  • Increase your practice (Patient Number and Money Wise – 50000 per month or in fact more) substantially per month.
  • Become confident in managing the patients & handling medical emergencies.
  • Get rid of fear for GENERAL PRACTICE (GP).
  • Do competition free practice.
  • Get up to date knowledge of X Ray & ECG.
  • Have the knowledge of procedures like Jelco insertion, Catheter, Flatus Tube and R.T tube insertion by easy method.
  • Have the knowledge of important Drugs, it’s doses, adverse effect & compilations.
  • Make your personal, financial, professional, social life and general practice easier, effective and successful.
  • Create vision/mission/goals for your clinic/Hospital.
  • Fulfill your wishes and learn the art of achieving your financial, professional, social and life goals.
  • Imbibe discipline in you.
  • Create another source of income.
  • Leadership Development.
  • Create Purpose of life.